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16 October 2018

The International Association of Hydrologic Sciences (IAHS) Commission on Statistical Hydrology (STAHY) has an annual workshop for statistical... read more

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31 July 2018

UNSW honours research Michele Guild is currently researching how the new ARR2016 is being used and implemented in industry. Her research is being supervised by Dr Fiona Johnson.

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24 July 2018

UNSW has swept ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2018, scoring the most subjects ranked first in Australia and the highest number of subjects ranked in the top 100 in the country.

Conrad Wasko awarded the best PhD in Water Engineering globally
1 June 2018

Established under the Lorenz G. Straub Memorial Fund, this award is given for the most meritorious thesis in hydraulic engineering, hydrology, ecohydraulics, or related fields. The Lorenz G.

22 February 2018

Professor Ashish Sharma was awarded the prestigious and highly competitive ARC-Discovery project in the round announced late last year.