Matthew McCabe

Adjunct Associate Professor
Sch-Civil & Environmental Engi
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Adjunct  Associate professor in  the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

His research interests include applying remote sensing approaches to improve knowledge of the Earth System, focusing predominantly on water and energy cycles at the land surface, but broadly interested in all applications encompassing terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic components. Much of this research has involved estimating surface fluxes and states for hydrometeorological applications, but varies widely to include understanding the links between different components of the water cycle using both land surface and regional climate models and in-situ measurements.

The ultimate aim of Dr McCabe's research is to move towards an effective use and integration of observations to improve our ability to understand Earth processes. As a result McCabe is active in field estimation of hydrometeorological variables, evaluation/validation of remote sensing data, and also techniques to incorporate diverse observations into modeling frameworks.

Prior to this appointment, Matthew worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he was involved in research related to hyperspectral, aerosol and cryospheric remote sensing and Princeton University where he pursued research in hydrometeorological remote sensing, land surface modeling and observation/modeling validation studies.