Raj Mehrotra

Senior Research Fellow
UNSW Water Research Centre
Contact details:
(+61 2) 9385 5140
(+61 2) 9385 6139

Vallentine Annexe (H22)
Level 1, Room VA138
Kensington Campus

Senior Research Fellow in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Water Research Centre (WRC)


Dr Raj Mehrotra is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research interests include:

Statistical and stochastic downscaling of rainfall and/or other hydrological variables to access the water resource availability and distribution in future.

Stochastic hydrology
Single and multi-site generation of daily rainfall and streamflows; Identification of higher time scale memory in hydrological time series. Predictor identification strategies for formulating hydrological models; Partial Mutual Information.