2007 - Seth Westra

Project description

2004 – 2007

Seth was Ashish's 5th PhD student, working on this new approach for reducing the dimensionality of multivariate data - called Independent Component Analysis.

Seth's PhD consisted of the following papers:

  • Westra, S., C. Brown, U. Lall, I. Koch, A. Sharma (2010). "Interpreting variability in global SST data using independent component analysis and principal component analysis." International Journal of Climatology 30(3): 333-346.
  • Westra, S., C. Brown, U. Lall, A. Sharma (2007). "Modeling multivariable hydrological series: Principal component analysis or independent component analysis?" Water Resources Research 43(6).
  • Westra, S. and A. Sharma (2006). "Dominant modes of interannual variability in Australian rainfall analyzed using wavelets - art. no. D05102." Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 111(D5): 5102-5102.
  • Westra, S. and A. Sharma (2009). "Probabilistic Estimation of Multivariate Streamflow Using Independent Component Analysis and Climate Information." Journal of Hydrometeorology 10(6): 1479-1492.
  • Westra, S., A. Sharma, U. Lall, A. Sharma (2008). "Multivariate streamflow forecasting using independent component analysis." Water Resources Research 44(2).

These were the first papers on ICA in hydrology, an approach that continues to fascinate all till date.