2010 - Fiona Johnson

Project description

2008 – 2010

Fiona was Ashish's 7th PhD student, aiming to improve GCM hydrologic simulations for future climates, by imparting a better representation of dependence, that was sorely missing (and continues to be missing) in simulations.

Fiona submitted her PhD thesis as a collection of the following papers:

  • Johnson, F., and A. Sharma (2009), Measurement of GCM Skill in Predicting Variables Relevant for Hydroclimatological Assessments, Journal of Climate, 22(16), 4373-4382.
  • Johnson, F., and A. Sharma (2010), A Comparison of Australian Open Water Body Evaporation Trends for Current and Future Climates Estimated from Class A Evaporation Pans and General Circulation Models, Journal of Hydrometeorology, 11(1), 105-121.
  • Johnson, F., and A. Sharma (2011), Accounting for interannual variability: A comparison of options for water resources climate change impact assessments, Water Resources Research, 47(4).
  • Johnson, F., and A. Sharma (2012), A nesting model for bias correction of variability at multiple time scales in general circulation model precipitation simulations, Water Resources Research, 48(W01504), 16.
  • Johnson, F., S. Westra, A. Sharma, and A. J. Pitman (2011), An assessment of GCM skill in simulating persistence across multiple time scales, Journal of Climate, 24(14), 3609-3623.
  • Johnson, F., and A. Sharma (2015), What are the impacts of bias correction on future drought projections?, Journal of Hydrology.

These were the first papers that "fixed" the representation of long-term persistence in GCMs and are likely to be of importance for many years.