2012 - Alex Pui

Project description

2009 – 2012

Alex was Ashish's 8th PhD student, aiming to develop better methods for generating continuous rainfall sequences for single point locations, and specifically trying to make them simulate low frequency variability modes.

Alex's thesis consisted of the following papers:

  • Pui, A., A. Lal, and A. Sharma (2011), How does the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation affect design floods in Australia?, Water Resources Research, 47(5).
  • Pui, A., A. Sharma, A. Santoso, and S. Westra (2012), Impact of the El Niño Southern Oscillation, Indian Ocean Dipole, and Southern Annular Mode on daily to sub-daily rainfall characteristics in East Australia, Monthly Weather Review, 140, 1665-1681.
  • Pui, A., A. Sharma, R. Mehrotra, B. Sivakumar, and E. Jeremiah (2012), A Comparison of Alternatives for Daily to Sub-daily Rainfall Disaggregation, Journal of Hydrology, 470–471, 138–157

These represent the first papers where continuous rainfall sequences are structured to exhibit variability even when they are aggregated to longer (coarser) time scales.