2013 - Erwin Jeremiah

Project description

2009 – 2013

Erwin's PhD was aimed at extending Lucy Marshall's initial work on HMEs - these wonderful models that allowed one to not make an assumption about a fixed rainfall-runoff transformation. Erwin assessed the possibility of using these models in ungauged catchments with great results. Erwin's phd was supervised by Scott Sisson in stats, and Lucy Marshall at Montana, where he ended up staying for nearly 6 months.

The papers that came out of the PhD were:

  • Jeremiah, E., L. Marshall, S. Sisson, and A. Sharma (2013), Specifying a Hierarchical Mixture of Experts for hydrologic modelling: Gating function variable selection, Water Resources Research, in press (accepted 14 Feb, 2013).
  • Jeremiah, E., S. Sisson, L. Marshall, R. Mehrotra, and A. Sharma (2011), Bayesian calibration and uncertainty analysis of hydrological models: A comparison of adaptive Metropolis and sequential Monte Carlo samplers, Water Resources Research, 47(7), doi:10.1029/2010wr010217.
  • Jeremiah, E., S. Sisson, A. Sharma, and L. Marshall (2012), Efficient hydrological model parameter optimization with sequential Monte Carlo sampling, Environmental Modelling and Software, 38, 283-295, doi:10.1016/j.envsoft.2012.07.001
  • Jeremiah, E., L. Marshall, and A. Sharma (2013), Modelling and Understanding the Hierarchy in a Mixture of Experts using multiple catchment descriptors, Journal of Hydrology, in press (accepted 11 July, 2013).