2016 - Ditiro Moalafhi

Project description

2013 – 2016

Ditiro came from Botswana on a scholarship by the Botswanian government and completed a highly impact PhD on reconstructing hydromet records for Southern Africa using WRF. He was supervised by Jason Evans and Ashish.

The papers that made his thesis were (some still in review):

  • Moalafhi, D. B., J. P. Evans, and A. Sharma (2016), Evaluating global reanalysis datasets for provision of boundary conditions in regional climate modelling, Climate Dynamics, 47(9-10), 2727-2745.
  • Moalafhi, D. B., J. P. Evans, and A. Sharma (2016), Influence of reanalysis datasets on dynamically downscaling the recent past, , Climate Dynamics, 2016
  • Moalafhi, D. B., A. Sharma, and J. P. Evans (2017), Reconstructing hydro-climatological data using dynamical downscaling of reanalysis products in data-sparse regions–Application to the Limpopo catchment in southern Africa, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 12, 378-395.
  • Moalafhi, D. B., A. Sharma, J. P. Evans, R. Mehrotra, and E. Rocheta (2017), Impact of bias‐corrected reanalysis‐derived lateral boundary conditions on WRF simulations, Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems.