2016 - Zaved Khan

Project description

2013 – 2016

Zaved completed a strong PhD under Ashish,s and Raj Mehrotra's supervision, focusing on alternatives to improve our predictability of rainfall across Australia through improvements in SSTA's. Zaved was helped by Sankar Arumugam at North Carolina State, and later by QJ Wang and Andrew Schepen.

The following papers resulted from the work:

  • Khan, M. Z. K., R. Mehrotra, A. Sharma, and A. Sankarasubramanian (2014), Global Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts Using an Improved Multi-model Approach, Journal of Climate, 27(10), 3503-3515.
  • Khan, Z., A. Sharma, R. Mehrotra, A. Schepen, and Q. J. Wang (2015), Does improved SSTA prediction ensure better seasonal rainfall forecasts?, Water Resources Research, 51(5), 3370-3383.