2017 - Bushra Naseem

Project description

2013 – 2017

Bushra was awarded an excellent PhD focussing on establishing the importance of using multi-objective calibration in conceptual eco-hydrological modelling, supervised by Ashish, Ian Cordery and Hoori Ajami (now at UC Riverside). Past work has primarily focussed on using flow as its sole objective - knowing fully well that the model is used a lot for ecological and related applications. All Bushra did was to include vegetation indicators as a secondary objective, showing doing that markedly improved the ecohydrological aspect of the model simulation, while not deteriorating the flow aspect to any noticeable extent. Well done Bushra!

The papers (to date) are:

  • Naseem B, Ajami H, Cordery I, Sharma A. A multi-objective assessment of alternate conceptual ecohydrological models. Journal of Hydrology. 2015;529:1221-34.
  • Naseem B, Ajami H, Liu Y, Cordery I, Sharma A. Multi-objective assessment of three remote sensing vegetation products for streamflow prediction in a conceptual ecohydrological model. Journal of Hydrology. 2016;543:686-705.