2017 - Yating Tang

Project description

2014 – 2017

Yating was one of our own Masters students who completed her PhD on a new generation of Bayesian techniques focussing on the use of multiple objectives (or likelihoods) especially with uncertainty data such as is contained in remotely sensed vegetation measurements. Yating was supervised by Lucy Marshall and Ashish and had the following papers from her work:

  • Tang, Y., L. Marshall, A. Sharma, and H. Ajami (2018), A Bayesian alternative for multi-objective ecohydrological model specification, Journal of Hydrology(556), 25-38.
  • Tang, Y., L. Marshall, A. Sharma, and T. Smith (2016), Tools for investigating the prior distribution in Bayesian hydrology, Journal of Hydrology, 538, 551-562, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.04.032.