2018 - Sahani Pathiraja

Project description


Sahani was one of our own undergrads who completed an outstanding PhD recently and is now a postdoc in Germany. She worked on Bayesian data assimilation, supervised by Lucy and Ashish and Hamid Moradkhani from Portland. Her work is one of the first to develop assimilation alternatives that are designed for use in hydrology, instead of just being ported over from the maths field they originated for. The papers from her PhD till date are:

  • Pathiraja, S., D. Anghileri, P. Burlando, A. Sharma, L. Marshall, and H. Moradkhani (2018), Insights on the impact of systematic model errors on data assimilation performance in changing catchments, Advances in Water Resources, In press (accepted 15/12/2017), doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2017.12.006.
  • Pathiraja, S., L. Marshall, A. Sharma, and H. Moradkhani (2016), Detecting non-stationary hydrologic model parameters in a paired catchment system using data assimilation, Advances in Water Resources, 94, 103-119, doi:10.1016/j.advwatres.2016.04.021.
    Pathiraja, S., L. Marshall, A. Sharma, and H. Moradkhani (2016), Hydrologic modeling in dynamic catchments: A data assimilation approach, Water Resources Research, 52(5), 3350-3372.
  • Pathiraja, S., A. Sharma, L. Marshall, H. Moradkhani, and G. Geenens (2018), Data Driven Model Uncertainty Estimation in Hydrologic Data Assimilation, Water Resources Research, In Press (accepted 30/01/2018), n/a-n/a.