Australian Research Council Discovery Project success to Hydrology group

Professor Ashish Sharma was awarded the prestigious and highly competitive ARC-Discovery project in the round announced late last year. The project is titled: "A Fourier approach to address low frequency variability bias in hydrology". It builds off the excellent work by the team in past PhD and ARC projects, to develop alternatives for correcting systematic biases in General Circulation Model simulations relevant for hydrologic design and planning.

While the awarded project uses Fourier techniques for correcting such biases, aligned alternatives that have been developed by the group before are now available as softwares and are being used widely in water resources climate change impact assessment students worldwide. Interested readers may wish to check the MRNBC software downloadable from

Applications are invited from students with a passion for hydrology and fixing engineering hydrologic design to combat the implications of climate change. The above mentioned ARC project will top up the award of an  RTP scholarship for domestic students (details at and an UIPA award for International students  (details at by $10000 per year.  

The PhD will be supervised by Professor Ashish Sharma. Please refer to his Linkedin page at for information about the PhDs he has supervised till date. Interested students should contact him at with a copy of their CV which must include details about undergraduate and postgraduate grades. It should be noted that a Honours 1 from a Go8 university is a minimum requirement for a scholarship application to be considered, with the bar being much higher for international student applicants.

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