IAHS-STAHY Annual Workshop September 24-27

The International Association of Hydrologic Sciences (IAHS) Commission on Statistical Hydrology (STAHY) has an annual workshop for statistical hydrologists. Attendees come from all parts of the world but usually numbering to a small gathering of not more than 100 people, making this a good opportunity to interact with others working on similar themes. Professor Ashish Sharma currently serves as the President of IAHS-STAHY and helped organise this workshop in Adelaide.

The workshop also served to commemorate the lifetime contributions to statistical hydrology by Professor George Kuczera from the University of Newcastle in Australia. Other than that, the workshop invited speakers from many countries in Asia, Europe and North America, with lively discussions on a range of statistical themes.

UNSW PhD students Xia Wu and Ze Jiang presented their latest research, along with presentations by Drs Fiona Johnson and Ashish Sharma.

The workshop was organised by Professors Dmitri Kavetski and Mark Thyer of the University of Adelaide. Details of attendees and talks are available at https://www.stahy2018.org/.

If interested in participating in future STAHY workshops, next year’s workshop is expected to be hosted at Hohai University in China. More details about dates and themes will be made available by the end of this year.

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