UNSW students shine at STAHY 2019 in Nanjing, China

The 10th international symposium on statistical hydrology (STAHY 2019) was held at Hohai University in Nanjing from 19th to 20th of October. This symposium is organised by the International Association of Hydrologic Sciences Commission on Statistical Hydrology (IAHS-ICSH) and is a yearly event, being held in Adelaide in 2018, Nanjing this year, and shifting to Valencia (Spain) in 2020. Professor Yuanfang Chen of Hohai University was the lead local organiser for the meeting.

Group photo of all delegates in STAHY 2019, Nanjing, China

The symposium was well represented by UNSW, with Professors Lucy Marshall and Ashish Sharma, along with PhD students Xia Wu, Ze Jiang and Xudong Han, and 500 additional delegates from around the world attending. Professor Sharma is the current President of IAHS-ICSH.

Some of the notable outcomes from the meeting were:

  1. Xia Wu and Xudong Han were 2 of the 4 best PhD student presentation awardees for the meeting. Their respective talks were titled “Bayesian error analysis with reshuffling: a new algorithm to quantify observational errors in water quality modelling” and “An introduction to relative connectivity of extreme rainfall in space”.
  2. Dr. Marshall and Sharma had solicited presentations in the meeting titled “Defining likelihoods in Bayesian hydrology: how do we deal with the known unknowns” and “A 3-dimensional correction approach for distributional, multivariate and persistence biases in climate model simulations”.
  3. After the meeting, Hohai University conferred the title of Honorary Visiting Professor to Professor Sharma given his contributions and engagement with students of Hohai University over the years.

President-Elect of IAHS-ICSH Elena Volpi awarded the certificate of ”student best oral presentation” to Xia Wu

President-Elect of IAHS-ICSH Elena Volpi awarded the certificate of ”student best oral presentation” to and Xudong Han

Appointment ceremony of Visiting Professor of Hohai University to Ashish Sharma

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